Eleanor Annand is currently a Resident Artist at Penland School of Crafts where she will spend the next three years exploring the intersections of art, design, and craft. Her highly introspective studio practice combined with fifteen years of experience in the fields of graphic design and letterpress provides her with multiple vantage points in approaching this exploration.

Before her residency at Penland, Eleanor was the Creative Director for 7 Ton Design and Letterpress Company in Asheville, NC. 7 Ton Co. specialized in well-crafted design solutions, impeccably printed pieces, and one-of-a-kind handmade goods. While Creative Director she also maintained a studio practice and in the spring of 2017 traveled to Wyoming for a month long residency at the Jentel Foundation. Over the past ten years her work has been shown regionally, nationally, and internationally. Currently she has work on display at Blue Spiral 1 (Asheville, NC), Light Art + Design (Chapel Hill, NC), and at the Penland Gallery (Penland, NC).